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Can I test Trend Rocket before subscribing?


Sure! You can test out TrendRocket on our Launch or Grow Plans with 7 Days Free Trial

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Where do you collect your data?

keyboard_arrow_down data is all publicly available on internet web pages, social networks and multiple other data sources. Our intelligent algortithm is constantly scouring the web for any new Shopify stores and Brands with high growth potential.

How up to date is the data?


Great question - we track hundreds of different metrics for each brand, the frequency of updates is proprietary. We try to update everything at least once per month, but many of our key data points are updated on a weekly or daily basis.

What is a Trend Viability Report?


Trend Viability Reports are unique to, you aren't going to find them elsewhere on the internet. Each report is a carefull combination of automated and expert data collected for a brand, industry and product. Each report uncovers important opportunities, potential suppliers for the same or identical product as well as approximate shipping costs to different parts of the world and profit guidance.

How frequently do you add new brands?


New brands are added all the time, but you'll notice a significant increase in their number on a monthly basis. Only vetted brands are available for our audience, since we only filter out brands where we've collected enough data.

Are you planning to track other Ecommerce platforms as well?


For the moment we're mainly focused on brands running on Shopify, we believe it's one of the best platforms on the market and used by some of the most innovative and fastest growing brands.

Why is the Trending Ads page not loading?


To have the "Trending Ads" page displaying correctly please make sure:
- Your browser is up to date
- You don't have any browser extension or third party software with "Ad Blocking" functionality currently running*.

* AdLock, AdGuard, Adblock Plus, AdBlock, Ghostery, uBlock - this list isn't complete, if you have any browser with similar functionality please make sure you turn it of or whitelist TrendRocket, otherwise you aren't going to be able to load and preview ads.

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